Naughty School Girl Teacher Sex Fantasies

The grind for finals! Studying is getting so hard and tiring … maybe I should think of more creative ways to get my As 🙂 Doesn’t hurt to have some naughty school girl fantasies about fucking my hot teachers, right? Who knows maaayyybe I just might be able to make that a reality .. or then maybe next semester! 😀 Until then why don’t you call me and lets have some sexy school girl roleplay

1-800-863-5478 ext: 02787757

My New Phone Sex Blog

Hey, guys! I’m so happy to have my blog up and running. I’ve wanted for awhile now to have a place to post about what goes on in my world so this is cool for me 😀

My name is Lizzie! On Niteflirt I go by Barely Legal Lizzie. I’m a college girlie living in the southern area of the US. Here I’m just studying my generals .. I’m thinking of maaaayyybe going into medicine or maybe vet work in the future .. we shall see! I’m 5’1, 95lbs. so I’m very petite and am told I look very young, but I’m always complimented on my curvy body and “fat ass for a skinny girl” lol! I have long dark brown hair and big brown eyes. My dad is Italian and Mexican, my mom is Spanish, French, Greek and German … I knnooowww crazy mix, right? I stay at home with my parents and my little brother Cody.

I started phone on NF before I was out of high school (shhh!). All my life I kinda fantasized what it would be like to be sexy, glam, a tease and getting paid for it. First I consider what it would be like to be in porn or a stripper. Honestly, both seem like it could be a real rush to flaunt my naughty side and sort of have the spotlight on me .. but then I always get really shy thinking what if my family and my friends find out! They would be so mad at me lol. Phone sex seemed like it would be a fun alternative .. I would get to flirt with and tease several guys at any time, completely showing off my naughty side and testing what it means to be open minded and explore sexuality .. learning what I like and dislike, while still being pretty discrete and safe.

I started a couple of years ago and I would just come and go from phone randomly, taking long breaks because I was so young and didn’t have to freedom to do it regularly without my parents finding out, so it was just a “free time” sort of thing while my family was away. But now I’m a little older and have some freedom, so now I’m able put more effort in 😀

I have to go get ready for class now, so I will be back to talk more later! Kisses!

1-800-863-5478 ext: 02787757

Sexy School Girl

Naughty school girl is one of my favorite roleplay fantasies. I enjoy the feeling of being bad, and doing something I’m not supposed to … the thrill of possibly getting caught. The thought of an older man being attracted to a younger girl like me and corrupting me in a way, fucking my brains out gets me preeetty wet lol.

Would you make this fantasy a reality with me? Call me now and lets both get off 😀

1-800-863-5478 ext: 02787757