Girl on Girl Cum Kissing

Once I got to college I became curious about sex, what turned me on, what I liked, what I disliked .. enter bisexual girl curiosity! I went to one of my first parties there was this crazy girl there named Alexa. She was the type to drink, dance, flirt with everyone she saw, and went around kissing multiple people. She came and sat next to me and was like “You’re cute .. kiss me!” lol but really she didn’t give me much of a choice .. she just grabbed the back of my head and went for it. Really I didn’t mind. It was fun to kiss soft feminine lips .. both sets 😉 but we will get more into that later. But really? How hot would it be to 3some and make out with a girl after a guy had shared his cum with us? I’ll answer that .. very hot! 😀

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